Teresa Baleri’s Beautiful Take On a Christmas Classic

Teresa Baleri

Teresa Baleri is a singer/songwriter from Barcelona, Spain. In July, the young artist made her debut in a big way with the album “Moon Cult.” The 22 year-old musician describes herself as, “a medical student with an artist’s soul, trying to reach millions by sharing emotions and thoughts.” She is succeeding. To date the record has over half a million streams on Spotify alone, with the lead single “A Song to Lana” hitting over 200K spins.

For the holiday season, Teresa has dropped her first single since the album came out. “Santa Nit (Special Edition),” released December 11, 2020, is a beautiful mix of the traditional and modern. The song and its title are Catalan translations of the German Christmas standard “Stille Nacht,” known internationally in English as “Silent Night.” Catalan is a Romance (Latin based) language like Spanish, French and Portuguese. However, it is a completely separate language unto itself. Both Spanish and Catalan are spoken with equal popularity in Teresa’s home city of Barcelona.

“Santa Nit (Special Edition)” is a beautiful Chamber Pop production of the classic. A downtempo, reverb soaked beat introduces the track as a smooth tremolo electric piano and mellow bass line join the mix. As the song progresses a subtle arrangement of strings swells in the distance. 

It’s a great sound, but the star of the show is Teresa Baleri’s sultry, smokey Jazz-tinged vocal. In the first and third verse she sings in her native Catalan, with the second verse in English. In both musical and vocal style the song hints at a Lana Del Rey vibe. However, Baleri is a distinct talent on her own and makes her unique mark on this holiday classic.

Check out the video for “Santa Nit (Special Edition),” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Holidays playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Teresa Baleri. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all of her current and future projects.






Teresa Baleri on the Deep Indie Holidays playlist