Maximillian Wentz’s Deeply Personal New Single “Sorry”

Maximillian Wentz is a singer/songwriter originally from Boston and currently based in Salem, Massachusetts where he attends Salem State University. He made his debut as a solo artist last year with the song “Soldier.” Since then he has released a steady string of singles. With each new song he has reached an ever growing fanbase. All of his tracks so far count their streams in the tens of thousands.

Although he is just 21-years old, Wentz is a veteran of the Boston area music scene. His band BunkerHill performed high profile gigs all over the city and its surrounding area. Wentz first picked up the guitar when he was just 7 years-old and was writing his own music by the age of 13. 

“Sorry” is the latest song from Maximillian Wentz, released September 25, 2020. The solo acoustic track is structured as a touching and personal letter. The singer explains that the song is written for his grandmother who suffers from dementia. The emotion and regret in his voice is palpable as he apologizes in vain for something that he clearly did not cause, and cannot change.

Wentz appears unaccompanied on the track. We hear the singer alone with his song and guitar. The unencumbered arrangement leaves no obstacles between the listener and the singer’s raw emotion. It is a great sound, delivered by a talented young artist with a deeply soulful voice and a keen ear for Modern Rock song composition.

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Maximillian Wentz on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Maximillian Wentz