Ghost Producing – Making Money In The Modern Music Industry

The music industry has changed in innumerable ways over the last few years.  One of the more significant developments is in the rise of ghost producing by at home, freelance music producers. Twenty years ago, if a singer or rapper needed a professional backing track for their song, they either had to make their own or get signed by a record label. They would need a record label’s millions in order to afford the services of some budding Quincy Jones to spend weeks in a recording studio, creating their song.

With the rise of affordable, professional quality recording software, and the fall of record label dominance, the balance of power has shifted to the independent artists of the world. Now, bedroom producers are creating tomorrow’s hit records at home on their laptops. Those same producers are connecting a collaborating directly with the artists themselves without the need of any intervention from a record label.

This new reality has created great opportunities for independent producers around the world. However, it is still no piece of cake. Connecting with the right artist in a sea of millions can be a daunting task. Even for the producer lucky enough to find clients it is often difficult to make a living creating beats. So, they are forced to work day jobs which further cut into their production time. The solution is ghost producing. 

TheGhostProduction.com is a service that connects producers with artists and makes sure that beat makers are paid fair compensation for their work. The site is a marketplace in which producers can upload their tracks and put them up for sale. Artists are able to browse the beats for the sound they want. Once they select a track, the producer is paid a fair market price for their work via Paypal. Artists are then able to download mixes, stems and other relevant files to take back to their studio and use as they please.

Ghost producing allows creators to earn fast money to support their careers. It has become a common practice these days. Even celebrity producers like Martin Garrix started their careers as ghost producers. TheGhostProduction.com makes it easy by providing a platform and by supplying a ready-made base of potential clients.

You’ve got the gear and you have the beats. Now you want to get them in the hands of artists. TheGhostProduction.com can help you earn money doing what you love, making music. And they make it easy by eliminating the need to promote and sell yourself. Follow the links below to connect with them and get started. Make music, make connections and make money. Start ghost producing.

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