$tubbs Debuts A Slow Rolling Trap – Trippin’

$tubbs aka (Stubbs) is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist, originally from Watertown in Upstate, New York. Raised by a Puerto Rican mother from the Bronx and a former Army infantry father, the family moved constantly. By the age of 12, $tubbs and his five other siblings had lived in 5 different states including; Florida, California, New Mexico. New York and Colorado. 

When he was just 16 years-old he lost his father to stage 4 terminal brain cancer. The family was thrown into uncertainty, living on the streets and relying on the kindness of others to make ends meet. Around this time he also unexpectedly became a father himself.

Music was always a passion for the young artist. He was known among his peers as a talented freestyler. Now the music became a focus and a salvation. For the next three years he summoned all of the hustle, passion and determination he had to make it. Now at age 20, the artist is pursuing his dreams of supporting his family and making a positive impact on the world through music.

“Trippin” is the debut single from $tubbs, released December 16, 2020. The track opens with a cool and trippy synth arpeggio. As $tubbs starts rhyming, a low and slow rolling Trap beat drops the bass. $tubbs runs through a list of people trippin’ on him; women, his boss and other haters. He’s a talented rapper with a great freestyle flow and some clever rhymes.

Check out “Trippin,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Click the links below to connect with $tubbs. Get on his socials and follow along as he launches a new career in music.






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