Becca Starr And Mega Take The First Step

Becca Starr is not your typical emcee, singer or DJ. She is all of those things and more, just not packaged in any way in which you are accustomed to seeing or hearing them. The self described, “blue haired Scottish sprite” is bound to have you questioning and reassessing your perception of what a Hip-hop artist can be.

The multi-instrumentalist producer made her solo debut in October with the track “First Step.” The wildly creative piece blends jazz instrumentation with 8-bit video game music. It is a wild ride through Trip-Hop grooves and Industrial noise. Meanwhile Becca alternates between a thick Scottish accent rap and a beautifully soulful R&B singing voice.

Are you keeping up? Because I mentioned at least six different musical genres in the previous paragraph, and we’re really just scratching the surface. Becca Star creates an entirely new sound in her music. For lack of a better term we’ll call it Alternative Hip-hop. Lyrically she is just as adventurous. “First Step” deals with the inner dialogue of searching for inner peace and true contentment.

On “First Step (MEGA Remix),” guest producer and vocalist Mega throws all of the aforementioned bits of musical flotsam into a blender and mixes them up with a Trap beat and some Chill-hop style piano samples. He manages to reinvent the track while maintaining Becca’s distinctly cool individual vibe. The Dubstep style wobbly bass during the song’s hardcore outro is a particularly cool add.

Check out “First Step (MEGA Remix)” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. You can also watch the video for the original mix of “First Step,” below. Click the links below the video to connect with Becca Starr. Get on her socials and follow the future.





Becca Starr on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Becca Starr