PGMaineee Drops New Single “Stress”

PGmaineee is the professional name of Roberto Gomez, a songwriter and rapper from Baytown, a small city outside of Houston, Texas. He was drawn to music as a way to express his view of the world around him. Over heavy bass and smooth jazz beats he drops realistic lyrics inspired by his everyday life and surroundings. He strives to be a voice of the people who experience a life of poverty, police brutality and failed relationships.

On November 22, 2020 PGmaineee released the EP “All of Me”. His first single from the record is the emotional slow groove, “Stress.” Over a low key piano chord progression and a funky Trap beat, PG rhymes about the realities of choosing a life in the arts. Soulful vocal samples pepper the mix as he alternates between melodic and hard rap.

On the song “Stress” I talk about how difficult it is to be an artist and to find support and a listening ear when you have no credibility as an artist. It’s like graduating college and you apply everywhere for that certain degree and nobody is hiring or nobody would accept an individual without experience.


Check out “Stress” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with PGmaineee. Get on his social and music profiles. Queue up his new 5-track EP, “All of Me,” available on all major streaming services.





PGMaineee on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

PGMaineee Drops New Single "Stress" 1