Kilo House And Tae Hero Inspire Hope on “Ruthle$$”

Kilo House and Tae Hero

“Ruthle$$” Drops Everywhere 12/29/20

LA producer Kilo House has teamed up with Tulsa rapper Tae Hero for a four track EP of powerful motivation, feel good vibes and down and dirty Bass Trap funk. “Ruthle$$” is available everywhere on December 29, 2020. 

Kilo House has made a name for himself in the Alternative Electronic world since his debut in 2016. The Oklahoma native is a graduate of the Icon Collective music production program in Los Angeles, where he still lives and works. Kilo’s music is energy. A lifelong fan of movies and music he ties the two together in his work to create powerful, emotional and life-affirming instrumentals.

His own story reads like the script of a Hollywood movie. Born without the ability to move his legs or one of his arms, through sheer hard work and an inextinguishable desire to make music he defied all logic and became the drummer in a Heavy Metal band. His musical dreams continued and evolved until, after much struggle he became a professional music producer.

Musician, entrepreneur, credit advisor and finance expert, Tae Hero’s life, work and art are all extensions of a greater philosophy of personal empowerment. Regardless of the medium, he delivers a message of motivational inspiration to all who will listen. His positive energy ignites his tracks on the new EP.

“Ruthle$$” opens with the low churn and industrial synth groove of “Hits.” Kilo House pairs a dramatic and sprawling soundscape with the equally intense inspirational street wisdom of Rocky Balboa. As Rocky helps us pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, the track sets the scene for the voice and wisdom of Tae Hero.

On “The Hopefuls” the rapper introduces his philosophy of, “We gonna do it till we get it right” over an epic cinematic mix of breakbeats and synths. The positive vibes continue on “Sacrifice.” The inspirational words of Les Brown introduce Hero’s vignettes of real people overcoming hardship. Tae uses his friend Kilo’s own story as inspiration.

The record closes with the uplifting vibes of soul horns and the feel-good, New Age EDM beats of “Lyfe”. Kilo pairs the groove with the wisdom of Western Zen Buddhist master, Alan Watts. As we move to the music, with profound simplicity Watts advises, “the whole point of the dancing is the dance.”

At the end of the worst year in living memory, the world looks to 2021 with hope. As Rocky says, “It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” So keep moving forward. Kilo House and Tae Hero have provided the soundtrack. Stream “Ruthle$$” everywhere on December 29, 2020. 

Ruthle$$ Available Everywhere on December 29, 2020



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