Feel Zem’s Hypnotic Robotic Groove “Auuuroom”

Feel Zem is the professional name of electronic composer and producer Philip Zemlyanukhin. The Moscow native explains that his stage name is the result of his real name being, “too long, I guess.” Growing up in Russia, Philip listened to Techno and Pop music from the West. He cites artists as varied as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Michael Jackson as his earliest influences.

Earlier this year he made his debut as Feel Zem with the tracks “on/on on/on (take 2)” and “Sexy Monday.” On December 9, 2020 he released the double single “Auuuroom,” featuring both the original mix and his own remix of the song. Philip says that in recent years his sound has been inspired by downtempo instrumental electronic artists like Bonobo and Caribou. We can hear their influence on the new single. 

“Auuuroom” is an experimental electronic instrumental. Zem pairs a fast breakbeat rhythm with robotic sounds, computer noise and pulsing electric piano chords. The track brings to mind some of Four Tet‘s more abstract work. The remixed version maintains some of the machine music vibe but comes at it from a mellower and slightly more melodic angle. It’s a very cool, hypnotic sound.

You can hear “Auuuroom (Remix)” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Feel Zem. Get on his socials and get in the loop on the current and future projects from this exciting new avant-garde electronic artist.





Feel Zem on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

Feel Zem's Hypnotic Robotic Groove "Auuuroom" 1