JKurd Gets The Cheddar On The New “Nachos Freestyle”

KJurd is an up and coming Hip-hop artist from Southwest Michigan. The 24 year-old rapper has been doing his thing since he was only 11. Over the past year he has dropped a series of singles, available on his SoundCloud profile. Each track represents different angles of his unique freeform style. His tracks combine Jazz-hop instrumental samples with 1990’s era old-school beats. As a writer and rapper he has a cool stream of consciousness rhyming technique that mixes traditional Hip-hop themes with his own witty and often funny observations.

“Nachos Freestyle” is JKurd’s latest single, released to SoundCloud on December 24, 2020. The downtempo track rolls on a mellow old-school acoustic Hip-hop beat. The cinematic sound of melodic chimes fill the edges of the mix and the track grooves on smooth Jazz guitar and bass riff samples. Meanwhile JKrud delivers a string of comedic freestyle scenarios. He has a laid back flow as he rhymes about women, money and references to everything from The Texas Chainsaw massacre to his own ability to, “get to the cheddar like nachos.”  

Check out “Nachos Freestyle” below. Follow the links below the audio to connect with JKurd. Get on his socials and SoundCloud to stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.

I’m all about progression and trying to outdo myself on every song. Everyday I’m working trying to make better music and to find new listeners to share it with. My style is abstract and I like to shred the listener with bars. Follow me on my journey to greatness


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