Ra Wil Hits Hard With New Video “Vault”

Ra Wil

Ra Wil is covering all the bases. The up and coming Hip-hop star (a/k/a Jeremy Wilbur), is also a successful tattoo artist and a social justice activist. Coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Southside, he’s no stranger to a fight. Growing up amidst poverty and gang violence, Ra has had to bear the added personal burden of batting through epilepsy every day. Over time he learned to redirect it all to his music.

Channeling those hard fought lessons learned into his songs, Ra Wil tells honest tales about life in his neighborhood. There is a raw and real energy to his music. Although he just made his debut as a solo artist earlier this year, he has quickly made a strong impression with fans. On most major streaming services he counts his listeners in the tens of thousands. Recently, Ra dropped a new video for his single “Vault.”

“Vault” is a quick and dirty, badass hard rap with an even harder beat. In just over two minutes, Ra Wil drops lines like punches as he rhymes about the grind. The song rolls on a trap beat paired with some cool production. The groove has a Caribbean flare with timbale hits and a bouncing, Reggaton bass. Throughout the track, Ra Wil and producer Tasty Beats use delay and reverse reverb to add a cool bit of psychedelia.

Check out the video for “Vault,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Click on the links below the video to connect with Ra Wil. Get on his socials and follow all of his current and future projects.




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Ra Wil on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Ra Wil