Scrizzie’s New Music For Parents And Kids

Scrizzie is a musician, an educator and a world traveler. He is also a cartoon. Animator and musician Tanya Shropshire created him as a global children’s character that embodies learning and entertainment for children of ages 0-8 years old. Through her website, YouTube channel and live appearances, Tanya has used her creation as a vehicle to mentor and encourage youth for over a decade.

A graduate of Georgia State University, Shropshire developed Scrizzie with a mission to deliver wholesome, quality content enjoyable for all young children, from all walks of life. Now the project is entering a new era with a brand new album on the way. Each song on “It’s Scrizzie” will feature fun and educational sing-a-longs that take you into the world of Scrizzie as he travels the globe. 

The first single from the new record is the “Months of the Year Song.” Now available on all major streaming platforms, as the title suggests the song teaches children the names and sequence of months by highlighting some of the international holidays of each. With a simple, sing-along melody and inclusive lyrics the song teaches basic living skills while embracing diversity. And, it’s fun!

Check out the “Months of the Year Song” below, and follow the links to connect with Tanya Shropshire and her exciting project. Parents and children alike will enjoy her videos and music, and will look forward to much more of both on the way.

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Scrizzie creator, Tanya Shropshire
Tanya Shropshire