Noyz Takes On Lost Souls And Envy – Get Bent

NOYZ is an aspiring Hip-hop artist currently based in Tacoma, Washington. However the enigmatic rapper says he originates, “from many parts of the country and few parts of the world.” Starting his creative journey as a writer, the young artist toyed with the idea of becoming a novelist or scriptwriter. Ultimately, Hip-hop music and culture drew his talents. In his early teens he began keeping notebooks of his descriptive writing and rhymes. Soon he was on stage, first at small house parties until he eventually worked his way up to paid gigs at commercial venues.

Early in 2020, Noyz hit the studio to get his music on tape. He made his debut in June with the three track EP titled “Envy.” That record quickly blew up, finding tens of thousands of new fans for the up and coming rapper. He even landed a spot on Billboard’s website. Fueled by his successes to date, the musician is already working on a follow-up record, with much more music planned for 2021.

“Get Bent” is a single from the “Envy” EP. With it’s laid back, old-school 90’s East Coast style beat the track sets a chill backdrop for the rapper’s unique flow and clever word play. On the track Noyz calls out his haters for the jealousy he’s experienced in his rise. A nice electric piano Jazz groove carries the mellow mood forward as he rhymes about religion, life lessons and the lost souls he has encountered in his travels. In both production and technique he sets his style apart with a cool confidence.

Check out the lyric video for “Get Bent,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Click the links below to connect with Noyz and follow along as his journey continues.






Noyz on the Deep Indie Beat playlist