Capra Machina’s Ominous New Interdimensional Groove

Capra Machina

Capra Machina is the new anonymous one-man project originating from points unknown. The being describes himself as, “an interdimensional traveller spreading music from all across the multiverse.” Also known as ‘Capra-XC,’ the entity arrived in our reality on January 1, 2021.

The motives and general disposition of Capra Machina are not entirely clear. He certainly comes with some ominous trappings and demonic symbolism. Throw in a Latin name that translates loosely into a “goat god machine,” and we definitely have the makings of an unholy record producer. However, if all of this leads you to expect his music to sound like some sort of guttural Death Metal assault, think again. In Capra’s spatial dimension, the demons get down with 80’s inspired Dark Wave dance music.

“No More Impostors” is the debut single from Capra Machina, released on New Years Day. The record opens with a cinematic intro of a dark droning synth hum. Soon the beat arrives and the song takes the form of an uptempo, minor key Synthwave groove. Dramatic lyrics tell a dark biblical tale of fallen angels over a classic drum machine beat and the pulse of a retro analog synth bass. With its swirling and overlapping synth melodies and just a touch of guitar in the distance, the track has a great Depeche Mode-esque sound.

Check out “No More Impostors,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Capra Machina and watch the mystery unfold.





Capra Machina on the Deep Indie Dive playlist