Norm Goldfarb And The Powerful Theater of “Blood Moon”

Norm Goldfarb is a singer, songwriter and composer with a lifetime of experience. A versatile and adventurous artist, the Brooklyn native writes experimental music in multiple genres. Originally influenced by the socially conscious Rock & Roll that he grew up with in the 1960’s, he has carried those ideals with him into countless musical genres and styles. Over the years he has produced Electro-Pop, Art-Rock, Folk and much more.

“Blood Moon” is Norm Goldfarb’s latest record, released on December 5, 2020. The four track EP is a collection of insightful and dramatic theatrical pieces. Taking a cue from Broadway, the writer has composed sweeping musical productions and paired them with powerful professional vocalists. The first three tracks roll on themes of power and corruption. Although the narratives are fictional they ring true to the issues on today’s front page.

I present mystical characters who might represent the powerful, who are dangerous and hunger for more. 

Norm Goldfarb

The record opens with “Lament,” a powerful and emotional monologue told from the perspective of a tormented soul. The talented tenor Alex VanTrue sings of the inner-turmoil of a lonely man corrupted by power. With all of the style and grace of Broadway, over a lush synth production he sings, “I’m not the man you knew.”

Nicki Gonzalez approaches both “Love You” and “Blood Moon” with the same skill and theatrical grace. The former starts as an emotional piano ballad and then builds into a full Prog-Rock production as her troubled character sings, “meet me in the dark place, where no one can see our face.” On the title track, Gonzalez sings a dark tale of violation and obsession set to a slow and dramatic Goth synth track.

The record closes with a loving tribute to the genius of David Bowie. Vocalist Howard Dee does an excellent job of matching Goldfarb’s Bowie-esque vibe. It’s a great tune for all of us who love and miss the genius of Ziggy. You can hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to listen to the entire Blood Moon EP and connect with Norm Goldfarb.





Norm Goldfarb on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Norm Goldfarb