The John Michie Collective’s Hypnotic Guitar Chill

The John Michie Collective is the professional name of John Michie. Not actually a collective at all, John is a multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist from the North of England. The Collective is the quintessential one-man band. Michie writes, records, produces, mixes and masters his music entirely on his own. He explains his art as an attempt, “to explore personality, truth, beauty, inspiration and euphoria in the form of guitar-based psychedelia.”

We were introduced to John’s uniquely trippy vibe in 2020. Through the course of the year he released a series of four, 3-song EPs. Among his inspirations he lists artists like; Pink Floyd, The Beatles and The Velvet Underground. We can feel their influence. He paints chill sonic scenes with a sound that mixes classic psychedelic moods with modern Lo-fi and an Indie Rock aesthetic. 

“I’ll Write Your Constellation” is the title track from The John Michie Collective’s most recent EP, released on December 11, 2020. With “Are You Experienced” inspired flashes of backward guitar and drums, ethereal female voice samples and Michie’s own esoteric and sporadically applied vocals, the song floats in a very chill headspace. Throughout the tune, multiple tracks of guitar, violin and piano play swirling and complementarity overlapping melodies. It is a great sound that brings to mind some of the best work from Australia’s similarly psychedelic band, The Church.

On February 12, 2021 The John Michie Collective will release his debut album, the aptly titled “High Vibrations.” The 14 track record consists of both new and previously released music. John shared an advanced copy of the LP with The Static Dive, and it is a wild trip through time, space, synths and guitars. Check out “I’ll Write Your Constellation” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Be the first kid on your asteroid to pick up a copy of “High Vibrations” when it is available.






The John Michie Collective on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

The John Michie Collective