Chancy Kaltner Debuts With Love For Rock & Roll

Chancy Kaltner is an aspiring singer/songwriter from Graz, Austria. A lifelong pianist and trumpet player, two years ago he decided to give the guitar a go. New original songs soon followed. Now he has released his debut single. “Don’t Forget to Rock and Roll” is the first of many to come from Chancy Kaltner. Released on November 28, 2020, the track is a groovy bit of stoner Folk/Rock with a sound that is equally influenced by Classic Rockers like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, and Grunge bands like Screaming Trees or some of Nirvana’s quieter stuff. 

From Lou Reed to Led Zeppelin, some of the best Rock & Roll songs were written about Rock & Roll. Chancy Kaltner’s new single sees the music as a symbol for living freely and honestly. Or as Chancy sings, “Rock & Roll can save your soul. When will you decide to come alive?” Appropriately, the track features a no-frills Rock ensemble of two guitars, bass and drums. As he sings a heartfelt acoustic tune, the band plays a slow powerful beat. Meanwhile, a grungy psychedelic lead guitar solos through most of the song. It is the sound of four musicians in the studio, have fun. In this case those musicians were Kaltner and his friends Marietta, Magdalena and Christina.

There’s a phrase written on a T-shirt I have which says, “Where words fail, Rock speaks” – It’s a good summary of my love for this kind of music!

Chancy Kaltner

“Don’t Forget to Rock and Roll” is available on all major streaming services. You can also hear the song below and on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Click the links below to connect with Chancy Kaltner and follow him as he embarks on this new phase of his musical life.




Chancy Kaltner on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Chancy Kaltner
Chancy (aka Jakob)