GLOWW – Soulful Dark Pop From The Shadows


GLOWW creates an otherworldly emotional experience over 
low and slow downtempo beats and sweeping, cinematic instrumentation

GLOWW is a new artist with a distinctly soulful noir sound. Working in solitary anonymity, the multi-instrumentalist singer composes and performs each note of his music by manifesting it through the sensual, the universal. To the public he remains nameless and faceless. GLOWW’s origins and destination remain unknown as he works in the shadows, and music is as mysterious as his identity. 

With a sound that lands somewhere between ambient electronic and R&B, the singer’s unique vibe creates an otherworldly and nuanced emotional experience. He reads dramatic narratives over low and slow downtempo beats paired with sweeping, cinematic instrumentation. GLOWW debuted on the world stage in 2020 with two singles; “My League” and the follow up “Reinvent the Love.” 

The songs serve as two sides of the same emotional Dark Pop coin. Orchestral strings and synths create a lush wall of sound with elements of Trip-Hop and Chamber Pop. The singer’s deeply soulful vocals and darkly poetic lyrics are the threads that keep this beautiful tapestry whole. It is a cinematic scene that hints at a greater theme. 

“My League” and the follow up “Reinvent the Love” are but the first two pieces of the puzzle. With more singles on the way, the artist is leading up to the release of his forthcoming debut album, “Metamorphoses.” Click the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects. Get on his socials and follow along as the mystery unfolds.

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