Math Class Drops New Video “Squiggles”

Math Class

Math Class is an up and coming Alternative Electronic artist from Utah. Earlier this year, the songwriter and producer began releasing a series of videos on YouTube featuring his original compositions. However, the musician has been developing and perfecting his art since childhood. He credits a Middle School Jazz history class as the original spark that gave him an appreciation for music and its history. Inspired by Screamo and Techno artists from the early 2000s, the artist found his voice.

There was a raw emotion that people during the Facebook Era didn’t quite understand. I grew up with music that sounded like raw anger and nothing quite expressed what was going on at the time quite as well as screamo and techno did.

Math Class

His own music is more nuanced than those early influences. Math Class creates dark, complex instrumental electronic music. A love of video games, horror movies and literature color his sound. Dystopian and thought provoking visionary writers like George Orwell, Franz Kafka and William S. Burroughs are among his inspirations.

“Squiggles” is the latest release from Math Class, and the fifth in the last few months. The short video game inspired film is paired with an intricate electronic instrumental. There are plenty of retro synths in the mix to give the track an 80’s inspired Synthwave vibe. However, there is also a strong industrial influence. The combination brings to mind some of the early stuff from Nine Inch Nails. It is a trippy little tune with a clever and infectious melody.

Check out the video for “Squiggles,” below. And follow the links below the video to connect with Math Class. Get in the loop on all of the new music coming from this exciting and talented young artist.

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