Das Vintage’s Heartbreaking Hip-Hop – “Hurtin”

Das Vintage is the professional name of singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Victor Cantu. Born and raised in a “poor little town” in Mexico, he eventually made his way to the States and now resides in Charlotte, NC. There he is pursuing his dreams as a musician and artist. In early 2020, Victor made his debut as Das Vintage with the four track EP, “Take Me.” Since then he has released an impressive catalog of music in a very short time, including multiple singles and the brand new full length album “Bleeding on the Canvas.”

“Hurtin'” is the second song on “Bleeding on the Canvas.” The track is a dark exploration of love and fidelity set to a rich mix of musical styles. The track opens with a somber, Jazzy minor key acoustic piano chord progression. A downtempo, Lo-fi Chill-hop beat enters the mix with low bass tones.

Mellow electric piano flourishes paint the edges of the mix. The low cool sound sets the stage for the unmistakable sound of two heartbroken souls. The track is split into three verses, the first features the sorrowful vocal of a man who’s been betrayed by his love. A smooth and soulful female vocalist responds in the second verse. But the trust has been broken. In the third verse, he’s not having it.

Life isn’t always what we think it will be. I have painted many versions of my future, but only recently have I begun putting my brush on a real canvas. 

Victor Cantu (Das Vintage)

Check out “Hurtin,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Das Vintage. Get on his socials and join this talented artist on the next phase of his musical journey.





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