Jhnakin’s New School Alt Hip-Hop Style – “Desires”

Jhnakin's New School Alt Hip-Hop Style - "Desires" 1

Jhnakin is an aspiring Hip-Hop artist from the Chicago suburbs. Rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, he works completely independently creating his original music. He has spent years honing his craft and has travelled many miles across the country and back again, searching for that sound. Citing artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Juice WRLD and Kanye West as inspiration, we can hear their influence on his unique Alternative Hip-Hop style. 

In 2020 the rapper appeared as a guest on other artists’ releases, like “Destiny” by Daye. Now in 2021 he makes his solo debut. “Desires” is the new single from Jhnakin, released January 7, 2021 to all major streaming services. The track is a motivational and inspirational downtempo Hip-Hop groove. A cool analog synth bass line and a mellow Lo-fi beat sit at the heart of the mix while electric guitar chords carry the melody. 

Trippy synth arpeggios float in the periphery, adding to the song’s slightly psychedelic vibe. Meanwhile Jhnakin rhymes about having the courage to follow one’s dreams. It’s a cool groove with an uplifting message from a skilled rapper. He is talking to himself and anyone who will listen as he advises, “You are holding you from your answers. Knowing I can do anything, this I will master.”

I hope to accomplish being able to inspire generations of people with my creative artistic abilities, to create a positive move inside of people


Check out “Desires” by Jhnakin, below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on his social and get tuned into his positive future vibes.





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