Tommy The Spitter – The Positive Banger’s Uplifting Vibe

Tommy The Spitter - The Positive Banger's Uplifting Vibe 1

Tommy the Spitter (aka Tommy Wit Da Bars) is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Musician, entrepreneur and YouTube personality, Tommy is on a mission to spread positive vibes through his music, media and his fashion line Lupara Clothing. In all arenas, he delivers a message of love and unity to all who will listen. And his vibe is contagious.

I started life on the wrong path but then chose to change my ways and I’ve made a legitimate success of myself. I began training, recording music, built a YouTube channel and opened my own rapidly growing fashion company.

Tommy the Spitter

Tommy credits his children (Amelka, Tia and Malik) as the inspiration for his evolution as a man and artist. To become a positive role model he did the right thing and got down to the good work of clean living spreading his uplifting message. Leading by example, Tommy expounds the virtues of healthy diet, exercise, earning an honest living and treating others with respect. It may be easier said than done, but he is here to help get us there.

“The Positive Banger” is the debut single from Tommy The Spitter. The aptly titled track rides on a classic R&B beat. The funky sample gives the tune a cool old-school 90’s Hip-hop feel. In a thick Manchester accent, Tommy drops bars about living a clean, respectful and peaceful life. It’s a refreshing stance and a very funky groove. The rapper has an easy, comfortable flow as he delivers clever rhymes like, “You don’t need weed in your brain or your lungs, you’re not a kid no more, so stop playing with the guns.”

Check out “The Positive Banger,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist, his YouTube channel and his fashion line. Get down with the positive vibe!






Tommy the Spitter on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Tommy the Spitter