Frank Luna – Take Us To The Moon

frank luna

Frank Luna is the professional name of Francisco Lopez. An electrician’s apprentice by day, the Beaumont, Texas native is just getting started in his music career. Working as a solo artist and independent producer, Frank writes and records his music himself in his home studio. With a DIY aesthetic and a keen ear for a hook, he creates quirky and catchy Indie-Pop. 

“Take Us to the Moon” is the debut single from Frank Luna, released to the world via all major streaming services on January 3, 2020. The track opens with an analog synth walking through the arpeggios of the song’s main melodic progression. It’s a simple, three chord, Major-key Indie-Pop riff that immediately gets stuck in your head. After a few bars of the intro, Frank drops a Lo-fi Hip-hop beat and the song’s sing-along chorus.

Luna sings and then raps a fun bit of fantasy escapism. He invites us to leave with him to the moon on, “A rocketship leaving at noon.” A funky Hip-hop rhythm carries the tune as that hook wraps itself around your brain. As a rapper, Frank has an easy and laid back southern flow and his writing has a cool conversational tone. By the time he gets to the second chorus, we’re all on board and singing along as we prepare for lift-off.

Check out “Take os to the Moon,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Frank Luna. Join him on his musical journey, to the moon and beyond.

This was a song I needed to release to kickstart my career. It was a very special song to me, it being my first song and all. I’m excited to show the world who Frank Luna is!

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Frank Luna on the Deep Indie Dive playlist