Northern Autopsy – Substance Abuse & Thrash From Kootenay & Co.

Northern Autopsy

We first heard from Kootenay & Co. upon the release of the single “Far & Long Gone.” That track is an honest retelling of the fallout from and effect of prolonged substance abuse, set to a classic Outlaw Country groove. On “Northern Autopsy” they give us a whole different side of addiction with a hardcore look at the internal struggle of the afflicted.

The ‘band’ is really the multi-genre recording project of guitarist and songwriter, Jordan Kootenay. The stories are his own. Based in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, the talented and versatile artist started Kootenay & Co as an outlet for his wide ranging musical interests. His songwriting serves as a catharsis for his struggles and a way to exorcise his own demons.

Addiction runs through my veins; in my body that is fighting to survive.. & with a mind that was trying to die… I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Because to this day, I question how I was able to cheat death so many times and still be able to walk on this earth.. This is something I am dealing with accordingly – Breaking the cycle & increasing my awareness.

Jordan Kootenay

“Northern Autopsy” is the first single by Kootenay & Co, released a few months prior to “Far & Long Gone.” The two tracks side by side are a fascinating view into both the remarkable talent and the difficult path of one man. The Honky Tonk two-step and linear narrative of “Far & Long Gone” are nowhere to be found in the dark and heavy Metal of “Northern Autopsy,” which rocks with speed Metal precision and a Pantera-style groove. The track opens with a brief melodic, minor-key clean guitar intro. However, in short order the mix explodes into double-kick drum, riff-rock mayhem. With intricate precision, Jordan and company rip high-octane Metal at a breakneck speed. 

Powerfully dark and hardcore vocals trade verses with Jordan’s blazingly fast lead guitar. The fact that this shredder is the same guitarist who expertly swapped Country licks with fiddle and banjo players on “Far & Long Gone” is remarkable. Lyrically the track takes to the subject of addiction with a dark poetry. Jordan relays his dire life and death struggle with lines like, “Distraught, from these thoughts, You have tried, and fought! The time has come now, Northern Autopsy!” It’s some heavy stuff, both literally and figuratively.

Check out the lyric video for “Northern Autopsy,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Kootenay & Co. Jordan assures us he has more music and more genres in store for 2021. Don’t miss it!







Northern Autopsy on the Deep Indie Dive playlist