Hedgehog Explores The Cosmos With A Guest From the Future


Hedgehog is the professional name of musician, composer and producer Art Prishchepov. A native of the city of Minsk, the capital city of the Eastern European nation of Belarus, Art has been making music for the last decade as a street musician. Hedgehog is his one-man electronic instrumental music project. In that capacity he creates production music for the gaming industry.

In addition to his musical skills, Art is a software engineer. A few years ago he worked on the video game franchise, “Space Rangers.” Specifically he has a member of the team working on the last game, “A War Apart.” Of the experience the artist says, “It was a great time: we baked the final chapter of a story we loved.”

While working on the game he was able to apply his musical abilities as well. For the soundtrack, Hedgehog composed and produced the track, “A Guest From the Future.” Its a beautifully expansive and cinematic piece of music. Piano and guitar arpeggios overlap and intertwine to paint a gorgeous tapestry of sound. The lush atmospheric soundscape was written specifically for scenes of unexplored planets. The composer perfectly creates an otherworldly, celestial vibe. Strings and synths expand the sound beyond the horizon as minimal yet dramatic percussion creates the effect of forward, exploratory movement.

Check out “A Guest From the Future,” below. And subscribe to Prishchepov’s YouTube channel. Explore the rich catalog of music he has available.

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