Matt Mayer’s New York Country High

Matt Mayer is proof that you don’t have to come from the country, to be Country. Born and raised in Long Island, most folks would not expect Matt to become a Country music singer. Around the world, New York is known as the concrete jungle. However, the secret that all New Yorkers know that 90% of the State is covered in beautiful wooded land, lakes and streams. A quick Google search tells us that there are 7.2 million acres of farmland in the State. New York is Country!

As both singer and songwriter, the 26-year-old Mayer equally embraces his metropolitan roots and his rural mindset. In doing so he has carved out a unique niche in popular music that is all his own. With a sound that resides comfortably in the space between Country and Pop, he writes songs for the rest of us who are trying to live simple and happy lives amidst the insanity of our modern world. He does so with a smooth Country tenor and knack for writing universally relatable themes set to infectiously catchy Pop hooks.

New York Country” is Matt Mayer’s debut EP, released on November 27, 2020 to all major music streaming services. The four song record finds the artist defining that city/country balance and sharing his lessons learned along the way. Opening with the premise setting Alt-Pop of the title track, the record immediately pulls us into the life Matt’s living. Anyone who has ever spent a weekend Upstate or an afternoon on a Long Island beach knows exactly what he means when he sings, “I’m catching a New York Country high.”

“Ladies in My Life” is Mayer’s ode to the mothers, daughters, grandmothers and wives of the world. It’s beautiful dedication in praise of the Y chromosome, set to an upbeat Country Pop groove. Matt’s sound is a cool mix of electric and acoustic guitars paired with both live and electronic percussion. He continues that vibe on the uplifting and enlightened “Enjoy Today.” The song is a real highpoint on a record full of them. Like a blue collar Zen master, the singer reminds us that reality is now, and our worries are nothing but meaningless stress about a future that simply does not exist.

The EP closes on the smooth shuffle of “True Like Me.” Lyrically and stylistically the song is a perfect summation of the lifestyle, music and philosophy the artist set forth throughout the record. “New York Country” is an impressive debut from a talented young singer/songwriter.

Check out the lyric video for “Ladies in My Life,” below. You can hear “Enjoy Today” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Matt Mayer and get in on his New York Country high.







Matt Mayer on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Matt Mayer
Matt Mayer