Spencer Huet – 8 Questions And A Bit Of Gold

Spencer Huet
Spencer Huet

Spencer Huet is a singer/songwriter from Hampshire, UK. He has spent most of his life making music in one form or another, playing in bands and touring on both sides of the Atlantic. However, it was only a couple of years ago that he decided to give it a go on his own. In 2017 he released the 5 song EP “Paradox.” Since then the talented multi-instrumentalist has dropped a string of singles as a solo artist.

“Gold” is the latest song from Spenser Huet, released on October 12, 2020 to all major music streaming services. The song is an emotional downtempo Alt-Pop love song. Riding on cool and organic percussive rhythm, the piano and guitar groove sets a mellow but dramatic mood. A smooth melodic bass line adds a nice flow to the track as ethereal vocal effects and ambient synths paint a slightly psychedelic scene. Meanwhile, Spencer sings a heartfelt plea to his lover in¬†deeply soulful Dark Pop tones. It is a richly layered and beautiful track.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Spencer to talk about the past, the future and “Gold.” Check out the conversation and listen to “Gold” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Vive playlist. And follow the links at the end of the article to connect with Spencer Huet.

8 Questions With Spencer Huet

The Static Dive: Where are you from?

Spencer Huet: Born in Surrey/UK, but the majority of my upbringing was in Texas which has left me with a bit of a hybrid accent! Since living back in the UK, I spent some of my time in Brighton and London but now living in Hampshire where I now have a permanent set up to record and write music. 

SD: How long have you been making music?

SH: I started learning percussion at a very young age which was my first instrument, but really gravitated to playing guitar around the age of 14 when my family moved back from the states. Since then I have played in many different projects with close friends but it’s been around a year now of really consistently releasing music under my own name.

SD: Who are the musicians involved in your project?

SH: Just myself in this project. Majority of my songs are constructed on Acoustic Guitar/Piano and then I add the accompanying instruments – drums, bass and production elements in my home studio. 

SD: Who are your biggest musical influences?

SH: For the Neo/Folk style I currently write in, I would say Bon Iver, Brand New, Ben Howard & Amber Run but I don’t sound very much like any of them. It’s really a mixture of all of them from an influential perspective, the Folk from Bon Iver/Ben Howard, but the darker lyrics/elements from Brand New/Amber Run. Some of my songs have a very alternative core to them which also comes through from some of the music I grew up listening to. For “fans of” I would read at the bottom of this. 

SD: What is your greatest non-musical influence?

SH: Cliche as it sounds, every day situations and experiences. I want my music to be very expressive, especially through very raw and passionate vocal performances; which I believe all stems from the emotional circumstances you go through. 

SD: What inspired you to create this project?

SH: Partially part of it was down to the Lockdowns and Covid. When you get accustomed to music being a large part of your personality and creative escape, especially when you share that with other friends and musicians, it leaves quite a large void when that comes to a stop. Creating a project under my own name allowed me to continue writing, having that same output but just at home.

SD: What are your plans for the future (musically)?

SH: My aim this year is to try and release a new song every 2 months. I only started this project back in March 2020, and managed to release 3 last year which I was proud of. I have another new single called “Ghosts” that should drop in January, so if i’m being short sighted that is my next plan is to prepare the release around that!

SD: Is there anything else you would like to say?  

Spencer Huet: This project is very much in its infancy, so just want to say a thank you to any one who has supported or listened so far + if you read any of the above. For the majority of people who would have never heard of me, if you are into Singer/Songwriter & Neo Folk style of music, with very emotive vocals then have a listen. It’s for Fan’s around SeaFret, Kodaline, Bear’s Den I would say.¬†





“Gold” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist