Andrew Kai’s New Party Jam “Rah Rah”

Andrew Kai

Andrew Kai is an up and coming Hip-hop artist from Northern California. A native of Oakland, at a young age he moved with his family to the small ski resort town of Bear Valley. He credits the move with giving him a unique perspective, having grown up exposed to both urban and rural life. As a musician, he keeps one foot in each world still and lets both inform his sound.

The artist got an early start in music. He was already making beats at just 10 years old. From there he learned to rap, sing, write songs and engineer his own recordings. Since his debut in 2018 with the track “Process,” Kai has been carving his own unique niche in the Hip-hop world. His songs range from the socially conscious to the turnt. His latest track definitely falls into the latter column.

“Rah Rah” is the brand new single from Andrew Kai, released January 15, 2021. The track is a bangin’ party song set to a hard and heavy Trap beat. With plenty of bravado and a healthy sense of humor, Kai calls the ladies and his homies to the party. In this case, those homies are guest vocalists Andrix and Aeres!. Each takes his turn at getting the party going. 

Throughout the track, Kai mixes trippy, psychedelic elements into the low, downtempo beat. Strings and synths swirl in the periphery. A cool female vocal sample expands the horizon as subterranean bass tones fill out the bottom. All together, the song sounds like the house party we’re all missing in 20-21. As Andrew says, “I’m just here to smoke and vibe, here’s a toast to better days.”

Check out “Rah Rah,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Andrew Kai and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects.







Andrew Kai on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

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