Ahanu – Evolution, Growth And “Happy Endings”

Ahanu is a singer, songwriter and rapper with a uniquely spiritual take on his soulful music. He’s been doing his thing since 2016 but made his worldwide debut in early 2020 with the song “Wet.” Since then the artist has dropped a steady string of singles. In less than a year’s time the prolific writer has released over a dozen tracks.

Fans have caught on quickly in that short time. Ahanu’s Spotify profile currently receives over 20K listeners per month and each of his top tracks counts its streams in the thousands. A native of Omaha, Nebraska he has called Minneapolis, Minnesota home since 2017. A practitioner of mixed martial arts, the singer maintains a deep connection to his music and considers it a component of his exploration of the soul. His debut EP “Happy Endings” reflects that connection, as does its release date of 12/21/20.

Through my spiritual journey I’ve grown so much. December, 21 2020 was winter solstice, AKA THE GREAT CONJUNCTION. Thought it would be perfect to create a frequency during this time and illuminate my true colors.


“Happy Endings” is a five song meditation on the past, the present and the future. Throughout the record Ahanu ruminates about his own historical motivations and the effects they’ve had. He looks at the people who have surrounded him over the years and questions their intent, and their impact. Ultimately, the record is about his own journey to rise above and evolve. Over chill, downtempo Trap grooves and ambient arrangements he sings with R&B soul and impressive melodic Emo rap technique.

From the opening track “Breathe,” Ahanu chronicles the struggle of rising above natural instincts and negative influences. He gives advice to both himself and to anyone listening. Tracks like “Aquarium” and “Sleepless Nights” find the artist recounting past mistakes and finding healthy new directions. As swirling rhythms and melodic synths paint the edges of the mix, he sings an emotional narrative.

It’s not been an easy road. On the track “Quaker” he sings of external influences, “Yes I know they want my soul, but too bad I’m in control.” There are similar epiphanies throughout the EP, as on the title track when he sings the clever and telling line, “I got an angel on my shoulder but she’s working for my demons.”

Ultimately the record carries an uplifting message. “Happy Endings” is a tale of rebirth. Just as the change in season with which it shares its date of origin, the record represents a shift in reality. It is the sound of one talented musician’s emotional journey of growth. Listen to “Happy Endings,” below. You can also hear the song “Quaker” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Ahanu and join him as the journey continues.




Ahanu on the Deep Indie Beat playlist