Flo’s Chill New Lo-Fi Jazz-Hop “Figure In The Wind”

Flo is a 21 year-old aspiring Hip-Hop artist from Tempe, Arizona. He made his debut early in 2020 with the release of the single, “Limitless.” Since then the introspective and thoughtful rapper has dropped a string of singles, exploring and defining his unique style. As an artist and producer he combines Jazz-hop grooves with confessional and thought-provoking rhymes.

“Figure in the Wind” is the latest single from Flo and his first of the new year, released to all major streaming services on January 6, 2021. From the opening spoken word poetry set to a mellow Jazz guitar chord progression, it is clear that the track is going to cover some deep terrain. Shortly a chill Lo-Fi beat enters the mix and Flo drops his rhymes.

On the track, he is joined by fellow rapper Kapsol. The two emcees alternate verses, each examines their changing realities. They look at the past and present and see the flaws in both. They seek answers and transformation, and question the likelihood of either. It is a amrt and complicated narrative. It is the sound of young men recognizing their world and trying to change it. Each rapper has smooth flow and confidence even in the face of uncertainty. All the while, the song chills on a cool Jazz groove.

Check out “Figure in the Wind,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Flo and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented young artist.





Flo on the Deep Indie Beat playlist