Grafiki’s Uplifting And Enlightened Vibes “Leaving El Xama”

Grafiki is the professional name of New York native Hip-hop artist, Josh Otero. Based in Queens, the songwriter and rapper has been making music for the past 14 years. A skilled freestyler, under normal (non-COVID) conditions Josh can be found performing with a number of bands and at open mic venues around New York City. Although lockdowns and quarantines have kept us all housebound, the artist has used his downtime to work on recorded material. In the Spring of 2021 he will release “Bon Voyage,” the follow-up EP to his 2019 debut, “Grafiki Sol.”

The new record will also mark the second collaboration between the talented lyricist and producer BB Brownstone. Together, the two have created a timeless style that pairs old school beats with psychedelic samples and Grafiki’s socially conscious and spiritually enlightened rhymes. The rapper mixes thoughtful observations with Native American, Eastern and Caribbean mysticism for a unique and powerful message.

“Leaving El Xama” is the new single from Grafiki, released to YouTube on November 6, 2020. The track is the first look at the artist’s forthcoming EP and an excellent example of his laidback and spiritual vibe. Over a slow churning shuffle beat, deep bass tones and sampled horns, Josh drops a bit of science and psychedelic philosophy. With a mellow yet confident flow, he makes observations about humanity and our place in the universe. His narrative ties all existence together. He moves from the primordial soup through the dinosaurs, human evolution and into the future. Grafiki observes the universe as a singular, non-linear whole. Or as he says, “present and future, like an hour later.”

Check out the video for “Leaving El Xama,” above. Click the links below the video to connect with Grafiki. Get on his profiles, get connected to his uplifting vibe and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects including the forthcoming EP, “Bon Voyage.”

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