Party At The Moontower – Hell Ain’t Hard To Find

Party At The Moontower is a family affair. At the helm of the multi-genre band and business venture is company President, lead vocalist and songwriter, Glory Taylor. Glory is joined by her singer/songwriter brother, George P. Taylor and their bassist/composer father George C. Taylor. The Taylors call Chicago home, and along with some of their friends they form a musical group that provides Audio/Video, T-shirts, Children’s song books, live performances and more.

Some of the ‘and more’ includes the soulful tune “Hell Ain’t Hard to Find,” featuring Blues Hall of Fame inducted guitar legend, J.B. Ritchie. The song is the lead cut on the band’s eponymous 12 track debut album. It rolls on a cool groove, held down tight by the elder Taylor’s melodic and funky bass. Throughout the track, Ritchie trades licks first with a trumpet and later with a bit of classic Chicago blues harp.

At center stage is lead vocalist Glory Taylor who delivers a bit of hard truth to an acquaintance, lost in a hell of their own making. With a cool confidence, a classic Blues inflection, and a healthy dose of R&B soul, Glory’s voice brings to mind the late great Phoebe Snow. Her rhythmic phrasing is the perfect match to the song’s creative composition which includes a catchy main hook as well as a cool Jazzy ascending melodic run during the bridge at the 1:48 mark. 

The band maintains a classic Blues vibe but also branches out beyond the standard 12-bar song structure, and they pull it off with plenty of laidback class. Check out “Hell Ain’t Hard to Find,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Party At The Moontower and dig into all of the many creative endeavors of the Taylors and company.






Party At The Moontower on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Party at the Moontower
Party at the Moontower