GS11 – New Southern Trap Style “W.O.Y.B”

GS11 is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist from Magnolia, North Carolina. He’s been at the game for nearly 15 years but made his worldwide solo debut in early 2020. A member of the NC based ’11 Grooves’ collective of musicians, he’s dropped 4 singles so far and is making a big impact with listeners across the globe. His tracks on Spotify count their streams in the hundreds of thousands and his monthly listener count is currently over 37K.

“W.O.Y.B” is GS11’s most successful single to date, with over 170K spins and counting. On the track the rapper matches that dirty South attitude with a low and slow and Trap beat. The song opens with a funky Jazz piano riff which works as the main hook of the song. The beat is paired with cool analog bass guitar tones which is a nice twist and a deviation from the standard Trap 808 formula. He and producer Tone Redd have created a funky and unique new Trap groove.

Lyrically, GS11 delivers real-life hardcore scenes from his neighborhood. He drops bars about making deals, making money and dealing with the competition. About the track the artist says, “I just wanted to show the world my hood and what goes on in my life.” Check out “W.O.Y.B,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the song to connect with GS11 and the entire 11 Grooves crew.






GS11 on the Deep Indie Beat playlist