ChrisTSK Explores New Electronic Summits – Ad Alta


ChrisTSK is the professional name of a new EDM project from German music producer, Christian Schenke. A native of Halle, he began his musical studies in elementary school. By 2004 he was writing and producing his own original dance and trance music. In his early twenties Christian moved to Leipzig. Over a decade later he still calls the city home and now lives there with his girlfriend and two children.

“Ad Alta” is the debut album by ChrisTSK, released on January 5, 2021 to all major streaming services. The nine song collection is an uplifting and experimental journey through the many worlds of electronic music. The record opens with the lush, three dimensional sound of the appropriately titled, “Intro.” Layers of ambient synths lull us into a sense of calm, until the beat happens. Then we’re up, but it is still a chill vibe. 

“Dawn” rises with all of the optimism its title implies. Throughout the record ChrisTSK employs full use of the stereo spectrum. He fills it with complex, syncopated rhythms and ambient synths. All are on full display in the apocalyptic yet somehow touchingly optimistic, “If The World.” “Your Moves” takes the feelgood vibes to the dance floor with a solid disco groove. The rave continues on the instrumental “Euphoric Dreams.” In every case, the musical arrangements and song structures are adventurous. “Go” follows that theme with a cool mix of Pop, Ambient and Deep House. 

Throughout the record ChrisTSK takes broad liberties with musical genres. It is a lot of fun. Tracks like “Number 7” and “You Can’t Take It” take similarly eclectic musical journeys through Synthwave, Ambient, R&B, Trance and House. The album’s closing track “Your Soul” is a wild mix of styles and sounds; from Sugary Pop to Classical. It is as beautiful as it is clever.

Listen to “Ad Alta,” below. You can also hear music from the album on both the Deep Indie Dive and the Deep Indie Chill playlists. Follow the links below. Get on ChrisTSK’s profiles and get connected to this talented artist..






ChrisTSK on the Deep Indie playlists