Imparrah Debuts A Rotten World


Imparrah is the professional name of a new Death Metal artist, composer and producer from Switzerland. Although the mononymous guitarist is just 20 years-old, they have been playing for over 12 years. After years of practice, writing and overcoming debilitating social anxiety, the artist is ready to release original music to the world. Inspired by artists like Bloodbath, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Synyster Gates (Guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold), they have unleashed their debut single.

“Rotten World” is the new single from Imparrah, released to YouTube on January 17, 2021. The track represents the launch of a new album project of the same name. Over the next few months the artist will release a number of follow up tracks. All of the early singles will be released to YouTube only, initially. Once the album is complete it will be released in its entirety to all major music streaming platforms.

The song opens with a dramatic classical piano and string intro. In short order the track explodes into the guttural scream and slow churning riffs of a powerful Doom Metal groove. Lead vocalist Chris Bone prophecies the coming apocalypse as the bass of Gavin Brooks and Imparrah’s guitar sets the dark scene. Staccato double kick drums and crunching power chords create a perfectly catastrophic backdrop for the tale of dread. Imparrah works with artists across the globe to create music. Working in Zurich, they walk the walk and talk the talk.

What inspires me to make music, and gets me into a creative mind is to look at skulls. I have a lot of deer skulls, a cow skull and fake human skulls where I play music. I don’t know exactly why but for me skulls have something calming, peaceful and beautiful about them.


Check out the lyrics video for “Rotten World,” below. And follow the links below the video to connect with Imparrah. Get in the loop on all of this exciting young artist’s current and future projects, including the debut album slated for later this year.

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