Alchemy3 Takes A Cool Ride Through The Storm


Allchemy3 is a trio of London musicians with a new enlightened vibe built on the shoulders of Classic Rock, Folk and Psychedelic giants. The “3” are Paul, Alice and William. Friends and housemates, in 2020 they found themselves locked down along with and separate from the rest of the world. Sequestered in their suburban London mini-commune, the three musicians pooled their collective talents and mystical views to create new sounds. 

William brought into the house many guitars, Alice has an outstanding voice and Paul is full of ideas. William & Paul build the music on Logic, we all sit down and write lyrics and put it all together.


“Ride us Through the Storm” is the debut single from Alchemy3, released to all major streaming services on October 29, 2020. Born out of a pandemic, the track is a six-minute chill meditation on coping, persevering and growing. With all the magic and mysticism we would expect from a group of alchemists, the band delivers groovy percussion, funky Reggae inspired bass lines and bluesy guitars. 

The track has the feel of an album cut from some long lost collaboration between Marianne Faithfull, Stephen Stills and The Moody Blues. As Alice sings a soulful and sultry string of hippie mantras, the musicians deliver a track of groovy percussion, funky Reggae inspired bass lines and blues guitars. “Love is the future, peace is our goal.” That’s the vibe.

Check out “Ride Us Through the Storm,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Alchemy3. The trio has cooked up a number of tunes in their kitchen and have plenty of new releases on the way.

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Alchemy3 on the Deep Indie Dive playlist