Bryan Guardado’s Uplifting Vibe Will Renew Your Heart’s Passport

Bryan Guardado is a singer-songwriter from Pasadena, California with a soft spoken tenor and a smooth, melodic and spiritually charged Folk/Pop groove. Through his songs he spreads good vibes of peace and love. Since his debut in 2010 the talented musician has been spreading the news with an emphasis on his Christian faith. Over the course of the past decade he has released four albums and a number of singles. His most recent, “Heartland” arrived on July 24, 2021.

“Passport” is the latest single from “Heartland.” The track rolls on an upbeat but mellow organic, acoustic folk groove. A rich tapestry of guitar, mandolin, bass and strings creates the mood as a brush and snare drum shuffle carries the tune forward. The mix sets a welcoming and chilled scene for Bryan’s relaxed but earnest vocals. He sings a heartfelt tune about appreciating the gift of life and seizing the day for all it presents to us, from the beauty of nature to the love of those around us. It’s a bit of carpe diem advice to remind us to smell the roses. Or as Guardado more eloquently puts it, “This life is to short to forget your heart’s passport.”

Check out the video for “Passport,” below. It’s scenes of nature and positive vibes, paired with Bryan Guardado’s laidback positivity is sure to help you find your Zen. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Brian. Get on his socials and get down with his uplifting groove.






Bryan Guardado on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Bryan Guardado
Bryan Guardado