Bam (DaBeast) Manifests His Destiny “Official”

Bam (DaBeast)

Bam (DaBeast) is an aspiring Hip-hop artist who has found a new energy for the second phase of his career. A decade ago the rapper was looking at a bright future in music. The St. Louis native had launched his own record label and was working with established artists all around the Midwest. However, life took him on a detour and he landed in prison for a 10 year sentence.

He’s done his time and now DaBeast is back on the scene. The talented emcee re-launched his career in 2020 with a series of hard-hitting singles. He and his business partners have started a whole new record label, Go Time Affiliation. Fans are reacting. His profiles are seeing thousands of listeners every month and his most recent single is blowing up.

“Official” is the latest single from Bam, released to all major streaming services on November 13, 2020. The track is a perfect showcase for this veteran artist to show off his formidable rhyming and rapping skills. A mellow, minor-key piano introduces the track and sets a dramatic scene. The slow beat of a kick drum enters the mix and pulses like a heartbeat as ambient synths and haunting vocal samples float on the horizon. The beat (produced by Starbeats) sets a serious and cinematic tone. It is the perfect backdrop for the star of the show, Bam’s hard hitting spitfire vocal delivery. 

The rapper pulls no punches in his freestyle chopping rhymes. Telling stories from the streets, he’s dropping knowledge and warnings for some folks in his neighborhood who are taking the wrong path. There is also plenty of fun old-school posturing as he brags, “I’m talking shit because I can.” Check out “Official,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this talented and dynamic artist. Get on his socials and follow his journey as he, “manifests his destiny.”






Bam (DaBeast) on the Deep Indie Beat playlist