Feral Did Not Write This Song About You, Loser

Feral is the particularly clever pun and professional name of Santa Cruz, California singer/songwriter Kelsey Ferrell. Also a comedian, author and YouTuber, she made her debut as a musician in 2019 with the album of original Alternative Pop/Rock “Trauma Portfolio.” The record’s 90’s inspired angsty, autobiographical  singer/songwriter vibe struck a chord with fans. In 2020, Feral followed the success of that record with a beautiful and intimate acoustic collection of covers, appropriately titled “The Covers EP.” You can hear her version of The Beatles’ “Across the Universe” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist.

“Loser” is the latest single from Feral, released January 1, 2021. The track is a bitingly witty critique of toxic masculinity and the pitfalls of sexual liberation. Over the course of three minutes, with hilariously brutal and graphic honesty, she dismantles the egos of unnamed men of whom she has had prior carnal knowledge. However, if you’re so vain that you think the song is about you, think again. Or as Feral says, “If you’re one of those dudes that thinks I write songs about you. Well, you don’t matter that much. You’re not the only loser that I fucked.”

[Loser] is about the mistrials of sleeping around in my college years. It grew to be about many different people and experiences and stands as a critique to sex positive culture, which, in a heterosexual framework, often coaxes women into a false sense of security in their sexual pursuits, leading them to get hurt in both cruel and criminal ways because of a misleading and somewhat naive branch of feminism.

Kelsey Ferrell (Feral)

Musically the track takes its cues from the 1990’s College Rock songbook. A straightforward Lo-fi guitar/bass/drums Garage/Pop rocker, “Loser” has all of the Pop sensibilities of a Liz Phair tune but delivered with a PJ Harvey attitude. It’s smart, catchy and unless you think Joe Rogan is a genius, you’ll get a good laugh. Check out “Loser,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Feral and get in the loop on all she has planned for the coming year.







Feral on the Deep Indie Dive playlist