Don Munchie Drops New “Rude” On Playaland

Don Munchie is an independent Hip-hop artist from Pearland (or as he calls it, ‘Playaland’), a city just south of Houston, Texas. He’s got witty freestyle flow and a love of anime. Don’s been making music for about eight years, debuting in 2015 with the single “Spring Break.” Since then the rapper has dropped a steady stream of releases including an album, an EP and a number of singles. Next month he is scheduled to drop his brand new album “DOUCHE LORD.” 

RUDE” is the first single from the forthcoming album, released January 12, 2021. The track is a fun downtempo Trap groove. A slow and funky 808 with a deep analog synth bass plays a simple beat. Without any other accompaniment it’s up to Don Munchie to complete the sound, and he comes through. The two minute track is a bit of comedy and a lot of attitude delivered in a smooth and confident flow. Among others, Don lists Outkast as an influence. We can hear their inspiration in his smart, funny technique and clever pop culture references.

Check out “Rude,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. It’s a cool, modern Trap groove with old-school style from an emcee with skill and a sense of humor. Follow the links below to connect with Don Munchie and get in the loop on his new album, “Douche Lord.”





Don Munchie on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Don Munchie