Lovely Marie Makes Money And Jams – Know That

Lovely Marie is an up and coming American Hip-hop artist, dancer and actor. Since her debut in 2020 the rapper has connected with thousands of fans worldwide. Her songs count their streaming numbers in the tens of thousands. However, she took a hard road to get here. As a child she lived in an abusive home, away from her parents. Encouraged by her teachers, the bright student turned to writing as an escape. 

Eventually she finished school, went to college and became a nurse. Unfortunately the hardships did not end there. Even with an education she found it impossible to make ends meet. She ran into one streak of bad luck after another, including losing her home to a collapsed roof. She lost her father and nearly her own life as well. Eventually she knew she needed to make a change.

My life was nothing but turmoil since I was a kid and one day I finally had enough and became an exotic dancer. It literally saved my life. I got back on my feet within a matter of months. I started my own businesses, and now I’m chasing my music.

Lovely Marie

A warrior, Lovely Marie faced her challenges and demons head on. She got her finances in order and focused once again on her writing. After hooking up with producers Jodi.S (@therealjodi_s) and Kennan (@keengocrazy) she found an outlet in music. On her debut single “Unforgiven,” she rapped candidly about her struggles and successes. She has dropped three more tracks since then.

Know That” is the latest single from Lovely Marie, released Jan 22, 2021. The song finds the rapper in a better place, but she’s letting us know she remembers where she came from. The track rolls on a mellow Trap groove. Marie drops complex rhythms and syncopated rhymes as she trades bars with smooth R&B singer Eli X. It’s a great song from a skilled rapper and a top-notch production crew.

Check out the video for “Unforgiven,” below. You can hear “Know That” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Lovely Marie. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from the talented and enterprising young star on the rise.







Lovely Marie on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Lovely Marie