Lil Dmac Drops New Single And Video “High Speed”

Lil Dmac is the professional name of  Demare Davis, an aspiring Hip-hop artist from the Northern California city of Richmond. Although he is still in his early twenties, the rapper has been making music for over ten years. His recent releases include the single “Back 2 Back” in 2018 and the full length 2019 album, “Soul Bleed.” Although he is now making a name for himself in the Hip-hop community, the rapper took a long and hard road to get where he is today.

Davis was born February 2, 1998, the only son in a family of three children raised by a single mother. While still in grade school, Demarea’s best friend Joseph “Wowo” Coleman was murdered. The loss took a toll on the young man. He made some bad choices which eventually landed him in jail. While he was locked up, he wrote the songs which would later become “Soul Bleed.” Today he keeps “WoWo” in his thoughts and has a tattoo dedicated to his friend.

“High Speed” is the new single and video from Lil Dmac, and his first of the new year. Released on January 28, 2021, the track finds the rapper in top form as he drops stories from his neighborhood and clever rhymes about his own personal philosophies on friendship, loyalty and making money. The bass and piano backing track gives the song a cinematic, soundtrack feel. The beat features elements of Trap and old-school rhythms and breaks. It’s a great sound.

Check out the “High Speed” video, below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Lil Dmac and get in the loop on all he has planned for 2021.




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Lil Dmac on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

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