Greebz Vibes A Hypnotic Space Ride

Greebz is the professional name of Australian Electronic Music producer, Mathew Moody. The Melbourne-based artist has been making music his entire life. After 11 years of classical training on the piano he dove into the world of experimental electronic music. Once graduated from High School he took college courses in Electronic Music Production, honing his skills on industry standard tools like Ableton Live. In the years since completing the program he has been composing and recording his own original compositions, releasing them to SoundCloud first and then subsequently to other streaming platforms.

Quasar Communications” is the latest EP from Greebz. The six song collection is an excellent introduction to this talented producer’s cosmic sound. From the opening ambient synths, pulsing bass and chill House groove of “Pluto,” it is clear that the artist is taking us on an astral ride.

Music has always been my escape, taking me off the Earth, so I focus a lot of space synths, big ambient noises, and generally just otherworldly sounds.


Through the course of EP he delves into various genres and subgenres of electronic music. Mathew’s classical training and knowledge of melodic composition shines through in the hypnotic arpeggios on tracks like “Lonely Space Cowboy” and the percussive melody of “Dancing in Darkness.” He delves into some Trap and Deep House grooves on tracks like “Singularity Event,” while the upbeat “Soaring Through the Galaxies” takes a more Techno House route. The record closes on a little bit of video game inspired music titled “Arkade 1.”

Check out the video for “Singularity Event,” below. You can also hear that song and “Pluto” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Get lost in space with the entire “Quasar Communications” EP on SoundCloud. While you’re there, keep listening. You’ll find dozens of otherworldly grooves from this talented young Aussie producer. Follow the links below to connect with Greebz. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects.







Greebz on the Deep Indie playlists