Kilo House’s Valentine Horror “Netflix And Kill”

Kilo House

“Netflix And Kill” – Available Everywhere Now

Groundbreaking LA producer Kilo House is dropping a special EP just in time for Valentine’s Day. However, if you were expecting a box of candy and flowers, then you will be in for a rude awakening. The Bass Trap composer and multi-instrumentalist engineer is not one to rest on tradition, nor to let an opportunity for devious fun pass him by. “Netflix and Kill” is a three track collection of romantic music for the homicidally inclined.

The prolific musician is building an industry-wide reputation as an innovative producer with an innate sense of fun, and the wisdom to never take life too seriously. In his music he mixes his love of cinema together with a wildly creative bass-heavy style. His tracks flip Psychedelic and EDM tropes on their heads with dark grooves and mind-boggling syncopation that only a former hardcore drummer could bring to the table.

“Netflix and Kill” comes at Hallmark’s favorite holiday sideways, with a knife in hand. Each track on the record mixes horror film love with deep dark Bass Trap grooves. Pinhead introduces the collection with his terrifying welcome, “We have such sights to show you.” The iconic “Hellraiser” antihero is met with “Terror Train,” a track built on Kilo House’s signature subterranean bass and melodic, percussive chaos. 

“I.L.Y.” follows with infectious staccato arpeggios and a machine gun rhythm. True to form, the “I love you” quote of the title comes from the horror movie classic, “My Bloody Valentine.” Kilo closes out the set with the slow, dark and heavy cinematic sounds of “Oh Bones.” In a perfect world the track would itself be the theme to its own Valentine horror movie. The producer uses both sound and silence to create a mood that is as fun as it is absolutely terrifying. 

All of this darkness comes from a place of light. Having been bound to a wheelchair since he was a child, Kilo House is a man who has achieved his dreams by maintaining a healthy Zen about the world around him. He and his music know to embrace life and love wholeheartedly, but never to take them too seriously. It’s a fun ride. Get onboard with “Netflix and Kill.”

“Netflix And Kill” – Available Everywhere Now



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Kilo House
Kilo House