VDXi – Vulnerable Rebellions And Ambient Escapes

VDXi is a genre-fluid electronic music composer with a visionary view and a scientist’s curiosity. For over a decade the artist has been creating cinematic instrumental pieces that defy any sort of broad categorization. Although his pieces are completely electronic, through his use of sampling, virtual instruments and what he calls “programming tricks,” he creates a uniquely organic sound. Working alone, he finds his voice through the use of multiple keyboards and effects. When he can’t find the sound he is looking for he writes new software to create it.

A visit to the VDXi SoundCloud page is like a journey across the continents. He has released dozens of tracks over the years, each exists in its own musical and stylistic home. The instrumental pieces are each titled with a time, place or concept in mind. From there the composer paints an audible tapestry to match the setting. To listen to a single track would be to miss a world of sound.

“Vulnerable Rebellion” is the latest track from VDXi, released to SoundCloud in January. The song opens with broad ambient synths and a beautiful female vocal melody. Soon the track picks up to an 80’s Prog Rock inspired groove. Bass, drums and churning power chords keep the rhythm as the lead guitar takes center stage. From there the song is a showcase for some really beautifully executed and melodic soloing. The track’s expansive sound would work perfectly as the score to some epic film adventure.

From the percussive rhythms, organ riffs and ethereal wordless vocals of “Voice of the Mountains” to his swinging classical piano waltz and orchestral arrangement of composer Fivos Valachis’ “A Greek in Vienna,” VDXi takes us on a journey through time and geography. Some tracks dip into specific eras of popular music, like the 80’s Pop inspired synthwave sounds of “Preview of the Failed” and “Message of Hope.” The latter hints at a Celtic vibe as do tracks like “Wind Theme.” However, the settings are not solely European. “Aging in Native America” is a gorgeous piece that invokes images of a flight across the plains and mountain ranges of America.

You can hear “Vulnerable Rebellion” below. Better still, click on over to the VDXi SoundCloud page. It’s like taking a tour through the ages. Be forewarned though, you may be there awhile. Follow the links below to connect with VDXi and stay in the loop on all of the sonic adventures he has planned for the future.

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