Alex Genadinik Takes The Road Less Traveled

Alex Genadinik of touchedbyasong.com is a singer-songwriter who puts a strong emphasis on the lyrical and the emotional content of his songs. Alex is influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and poets like Vladimir Vysotsky, and Bulat Okudzhava. He also runs a number of online projects like waveifyoulike.com and problemio.com.

We have featured Alex’s music here at The Static Dive previously. His songs include the romantic piano ballad “Oh Michaelangelo” and the nylon stringed folk of “Enchanting Woman.” In each case the songwriter was inspired by classics of art and literature to create emotional songs and videos. On his song “Road Less Traveled,” Genadinik takes his cue from the “The Road Not Taken” by legendary American poet, Robert Frost.

Over a mellow, finger-picked acoustic guitar, Alex sings a song of nostalgia and regret. He recalls the chances he has taken and those opportunities he has missed as subtle flourishes of piano and synths color the mix. Ultimately the song is a celebration of both his achievements and failures as he sings, “What can I do? This turmoil made my life.” Check out the video, below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Alex Genadinik and all of his many musical and professional projects.






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Alex Genadinik on the Deep Indie playlists

Alex Genadinik