Charu Suri With A Little Piano Jazz Joy

Charu Suri With A Little Piano Jazz Joy 1

Charu Suri is a groundbreaking pianist and composer who is forging new terrain in Jazz by combining the classic trio ensemble with Sufi sounds and Indian ragas. Born in the city of Madurai in South India, the young artist first came to the United States for college. Since then she was been making a name for herself in the Jazz community of New York City and beyond.

To date, Suri has released three albums; “Lollipops for Breakfast,” “New American Songbook EP,” and “The Book of Ragas.” She composes music in two different styles; Raga Jazz and Songbook. Her work in both arena’s have earned her critical praise and multiple awards. She is a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammys) and was the first female Indian jazz composer to premier work at Carnegie Hall. 

“A Little Joy” is the latest single from Charu Suri and her first of the new year, released worldwide to all major streaming services on January 30, 2021. The softly brushed snare of drummer Jay O’Brien, the smooth double bass of Justin Lee and Danielle Erin Rhodes’ airy vocals place the song solidly in the ‘Songbook’ column. At the heart and soul of the track is Charu herself. The pianist/composer’s smooth transitions and soulful, melodic improvised riffs bring to mind the 1950’s heyday of classic piano ensembles. Throughout this beautiful song of melancholy and hope, Suri conjures the soul of a Columbia-era Brubeck. It is a sound we’ll have on repeat as we wait for the world to return to sanity.

The pandemic really got to me, and I wanted to compose and create something that brought a bit of joy to people.

Charu Suri

Listen to “A Little Joy,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Charu Suri and get in the know of all of the current and future projects from this tremendously talented composer and performer.






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