Outcast’s Hot New Sweet Italian EDM Jam


Outcast is an aspiring DJ, producer and record label owner, originally from Bogotá, Colombia and now residing in Miami, Florida. In the studio and behind the decks he is a one man show; writing, arranging, producing and mastering his tracks himself. Though he started making music about three years ago, he just recently made his worldwide debut.

“Sweet Italian” is the new single from Outcast, released to all major streaming services on January 31, 2021. The track is six minutes of hypnotic EDM groove. It gradually builds around a driving Tech House beat. A rumbling low bass holds down the heartbeat of the groove as R&B vocals swap space in the mix with synth swells and percussive flourishes. 

It’s a mesmerizing sound, designed for late Miami club nights. Outcasts lists artists like Jeff Mills, Klanglos, ROBPM, Purple Disco Machine and Green Velvet as inspiration. We can hear some of their influence here. However, he is clearly carving his own sound in the world of dance music. For the future he plans to grow his Curaduria record label by continuing to knock out more hot club bangers like “Sweet Italian.”

The love for music and the love for the dance floor inspired me to make this track


Check out “Sweet Italian,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with DJ Outcast and get in the loop on all of the grooves he has planned for the future.






Outcast on the Deep Indie playlists