The Humber’s Positive Hypnotic Feeling

The Humber is a UK songwriter and producer making his debut with the Trance/House banger, “That Feeling (Forget the Negative).” The track is an upbeat and uplifting dance groove mixing modern styles with plenty of retro analog gear. The sound borrows from various sources in the EDM world while maintaining its own niche of club kids who also listen to Indie Rock.

I grew up in northern Lincolnshire in the UK and went to college in Manchester during the “Second Summer of Love,” Acid House and British Indie music heydays. This means my main influences stretch back to old school House and Trance music but I love a wide range of genres from Alternative and Indie through Hip-Hop to classic Pop.

The Humber

“That Feeling (Forget the Negative)” opens with a classic techno siren then kicks into a steady house beat and never leaves. An analog synth bass repeats a funky four note riff through most of the track. Although the riff remains the same, it is modulated differently from one stanza to the next. That long flange gives the whole song a cool psychedelic vibe. Trance synths and 808 percussion rhythms dance around the edge of the mix. Meanwhile, at random intervals a male vocalist steps in and repeats some version of the song’s mantra, “That feeling. Nice feeling. Underground feeling.”

Listen to the “That Feeling (Forget The Negative) on Spotify. Or get lost in The Humber’s wonderfully hypnotic video for his wonderfully hypnotic song, below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with The Humber. Get in the know on what’s next. 





The Humber on the Deep Indie playlists

The Humber