Cole Boscoe – Into The Light

Cole Boscoe is an Alt Pop/Rock singer, songwriter and guitarist from Northern California. Growing up he was surrounded by the sounds of his musical family’s broad range of influence. Boscoe was equally inspired by the classic Rock records of his parents and the modern Indie and Pop music of his older brother. At a very young age he grew to appreciate the timeless art of writing a memorable Pop song.

It was a record by The Strokes that ultimately inspired Cole to pick up the guitar and start writing songs. In their sound he found both the raw, organic lo-fi Rock & Roll sound to which he was drawn as well as the keen Pop sensibilities he had appreciated since childhood. Now in his twenties, the songwriter has penned his own catalog of guitar driven Pop/Rock. Now, after earning his stripes on the open-mic circuit the talented young artist has released his debut record.

“Into the Light” is the brand new EP from Cole Boscoe, released worldwide to all major streaming services on January 21, 2021. The four song collection showcases the multi-talented artist’s impressive singing, songwriting and guitar playing chops. From the upbeat Alt/Pop opener “Forget Yesterday” to the melancholy but hopeful “For You,” Cole wields optimistic narratives about conquering the darkness through love, positivity and personal growth.

As a writer he is able to look realistically at the world around him, but he does so devoid of any cynicism. On the title track for instance, over a downtempo and breezy Pop groove Boscoe sings, “You see I get a little lost every now and again, trying to find happiness.” But he doesn’t stay lost for long. Love brings him back around as he sings, “I feel at home with you.”

In both performance and production the record is a great mix of Lo-fi instrumentation and smooth Pop gloss. A robot-free ensemble of guitar, bass and drums provides a warm, organic groove. The band is excellent and there is some particularly nice guitar playing throughout. At the heart of the sound is Cole Boscoe himself with a universally appealing and radio-ready classic Pop tenor. This may be his debut record, but he sounds like he’s been doing this for years. “Into the Light” is a solid piece of work from top to bottom.

Listen to “Into the Light,” below. You can hear the track “Forget Yesterday” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and “For You” on the Deep Indie Songwriters. Cole Boscoe has more music planned for 2021, including a full length album. Follow the links below to connect and get in the know.






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