Clay Captcha Is Not The Good Guy

clay captcha

Clay Captcha is an aspiring Pop/Hip-hop artist from the city of Mississauga in Ontario, Canada. The young singer grew up with a passion for all forms of music. Four years ago he decided to start making some of his own. He worked on his sound and style for the next three years and in 2020, made his debut.

Since that time Clay Captcha has already created an impressive catalog of work in a short amount of time. Last year he released over a dozen singles and an EP. He has connected with fans worldwide with tracks counting their spins in the tens of thousands on Spotify and other platforms.

“Good Guy” is the latest single from Clay Captcha, released to all major streaming services on February 12, 2021. With elements of Hip-hop, R&B, Pop and Rock the track is an excellent example of this talented artist’s broad range of style and skill.

The song opens on with an ethereal R&B chord change as the singer tells his story about a girl looking for more commitment than he is prepared to offer. A mellow beat with Trap hi-hats and a funky Hip-Hop bass enters the mix and the song slides into a laid back groove. Clay delivers smooth Pop vocals in the verse with catchy chorus. He flexes his Hip-hop muscles in the bridge with a nice chopping rap break. It’s a cool and catchy groove that will stick with you after the track fades.

Check out the video for “Good Guy,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Clay Captcha and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented and exciting new artist.






Clay Captcha on the Deep Indie playlists